10 Reasons To Discover Late Pregnancy


10 Reasons To Discover Late Pregnancy: Some women were surprised by the news of pregnancy after it happened, due to many of the reasons why they do not know this pregnancy, what are the most prominent reasons?

10 Reasons To Discover Late Pregnancy

Many women wait anxiously for pregnancy, and follow pregnancy symptoms to make sure it happens. However, you may be surprised by this news, to discover that she has been pregnant for some time without knowing.

Here are the most important reasons why you become pregnant after pregnancy.

1 – excess body weight

When a woman is a little full, she may be confused, and she does not realize that her body is swollen because of pregnancy, and that this is because ofweight gain .

In the case of a prominent abdomen, it is not easy to detect the presence of a fetus easily, on the contrary slender woman who notice any slight increase in weight.

2 – not feeling early symptoms

In some cases, women do not feel the symptoms of primary pregnancy , do not get morning sickness and other symptoms, and therefore do not expect to be pregnant.

As time passes, the symptoms of the first month begin to appear, and then you learn about pregnancy.

3 – the descent of blood at the beginning of pregnancy

Women may notice blood and think it is menstrual cycle, especially if it comes on time, but in fact this blood from the lining of the uterus as a result of fertilization of the egg.

Although menstrual blood differs from the blood of the beginning of pregnancy, women may not discover this difference.

4 – irregular menstrual cycle

PMS is usually the most prominent sign of pregnancy, but if a woman has irregular menstrual cycles , she does not wait for her pregnancy to be confirmed or not.

Since their delay is normal for them every month.

5. Negative pregnancy test

Some women take the pregnancy test early, and this leads to the lack of accurate result, and can be tested after the delay of the menstrual cycle, but the result is negative.

This is due to the low level of pregnancy hormone in the body, which makes it conceivable not to occur pregnancy.

6. Occupancy and stress of life

As a result of women’s preoccupation with work and homework, they do not give attention to the date of the menstrual cycle or the occurrence of ovulation and pregnancy.

But with time she discovers she is pregnant in the first weeks.

7-Delayed pregnancy before

If a woman has delayed pregnancy, or has a problem with her ovulation or sperm in the man, she expects the subsequent chances of pregnancy to be reduced .

But delayed pregnancy may be caused by a temporary complication and not by any of the spouses, and with regularity in intimate exercise pregnancy occurs.

8. Progress of women’s age

Many women associate age with reduced chances of pregnancy, and this is a fact. After the age of 35, fertility decreases.

But this does not mean that pregnancy does not occur, there are cases where pregnancy occurs naturally after this age.

9 – Predict the incidence of diseases

Sometimes women imagine that they have a disease that makes them feel these symptoms, and completely exclude the occurrence of pregnancy despite the occurrence.

There are diseases similar symptoms with pregnancy, such as stomach problems that cause nausea and vomiting, as well as headaches, headaches and others.

10 – ineffective contraceptives

Women are used to different contraceptive methods, but sometimes the method is not 100 percent effective, leading to pregnancy.

Improper use of the medication or forgetting to eat grains on time will make them ineffective in preventing pregnancy.


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