5 steps to start exercising


In order to get a flat belly and lower the rumen, first, it is important to reduce the fat ratios that encircle the abdominal muscles. The most effective and healthy way to reduce belly fat as well as slimming is to follow proper nutrition and physical activity.

In order to reduce the rumen  and get a flat belly, beginning to reduce the proportion of fat that encapsulates the muscles of the abdomen, and the most efficient and healthy way to reduce fat and abdominal and slimming therumen is a healthy diet and physical activity.

The exercise of the abdominal muscles may contribute to the affirmation, but the goal of training is basically strengthening, shaping and lifting muscle mass in the abdomen, which will contribute to burning more calories, and thus reduce the balance of calories and reduce body fat. In contrast, it is highly recommended to incorporate an activity that includes: walking , running, cycling, kayaking, swimming or any activity that causes pleasure and burns calories. 

When we reduce the amount of food we consume and begin to eat healthy and healthy , the level of fat will begin to decline and we can see a flat belly and observe the results of the reduction of the rumen . Fat can not be reduced directly directly in the abdominal area, so that if we perform a million abdominal flexion exercise, this will not reduce the level of abdominal fat directly and noticeably.

  • Reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates . Many compounds may appear to be harmless, but include salt, glycerin or alcohol sugar, all of which tend to store liquids, because the body is unable to fully digest these substances.
  • Sauces usually contain a high level of salt, causing swelling. A tablespoon of soy sauce contains almost half of the recommended daily amount of salt. Of course, soy is a healthy ingredient, but be careful not to overdo it. 
  • It is recommended to eat foods containing potassium such as bananas, salmon, tomatoes, almonds and cherries. 
  • Potassium is a diuretic and may reduce abdominal bloating, caused by the number of excess salts. It is very important to drink plenty of water. It will cause a feeling of satiety, will increase the speed of metabolism in the body and will lead to the storage of waterless, because it helps to remove the salts from the body.

The abdominal muscles consist of four layers: 1. “Straight Belly” muscles that connect the muscles in the front of the pelvis and between the chest bones. These muscles are known to have six “blocks”. 2. External abdominal muscles that encapsulate the abdominal muscles on both sides and are responsible for lateral trunk movements. 3. 

The internal abdominal abdominal muscles are responsible for movements towards the side along with the external diameter, helping at the same time to bend forward. 4. The “transverse” abdominal muscles. Those are the deepest layer of muscle located below the country muscles. The right recipe for abdominal exercises for abdominal slimming . 

Theabdominal muscles are endurance muscles and can withstand great effect over time, but it is recommended to perform abdominal exercises on a yes day and not to give your muscles a day of rest to recover and rebuild the muscle tissue. 

There is no need to perform more than 120 folds when exercising. If the training is performed effectively, the results will not be delayed, and there is no need for 1000 repetitions.

 Many believe that a complex system of muscles such as that in the stomach requires long exercises, but no need for individual exercise for each muscle separately, it is strongly recommended to change and diversify the types of exercises in each training, and thus stimulate different layers of the abdominal muscles, angle. 

Recommended positions for abdominal flexion exercises. You should not lie on your back, keep your legs flat, lift your upper body off the ground, keep your legs on a mattress, or raise your feet to about 90 degrees in the knee joint. 

Common Question: To what height can bend the trunk? Answer: Bending from the middle is a different height or angle from person to person, depending on the personal flexibility between the trainee’s paragraphs. 

This does not depend on the size of the rumen, the more flexible the person will be able to perform higher trunk curves, and the maneuverability area will be greater. 

It is very important to take care of the “smooth” movements, not the speed and without the use of high lift in training to avoid injury and damage to the lower back, in addition to the integrity of the spine and skeleton as well as strengthening, shaping, and of course the most effective work of effective muscles. 

The strong, non-loose abdominal muscles are the key to preventing problems and low back pain. It is important to take care of abdominal training to get cervical and cervical spine protection which is the smallest and most sensitive. 

It is very important to support the bottom of the neck by the arms or the appropriate equipment, as well as to perform the torsion of the trunk so that the bottom of the neck continued with the spine at the time of exercise. 

Rest between sessions and appointments can be between half a minute to two minutes, depending on the fitness and strength of trainees during training. The more healthy you are and the more physically you burn calories , the more likely you will be to lose weight and get a beautiful, flat stomach. 


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