Best Fitness Excercise to Prepare Your Body For Summer!


Best Fitness Excercise to Prepare Your Body For Summer : Spring is approaching, and this is the time to return to your physical fitness and prepare the body for very hot days. The brushed body results from aerobic exercise, muscle toning and proper nutrition:

Best Fitness Excercise to Prepare Your Body For Summer!

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to start preparing your body for the near summer, even before you change your winter clothes with light summer clothes. 

In order to be satisfied with your appearance and receive compliments from all sides, we have gathered for you the best tips for preparing your body for the summer to get closer.

1. Start by following a diet

Before talking about the training system and the physical activity your welcome for the summer, do not forget that the summer your looks polished not just about Ptdrbakm in the gym and exercise fitness exercises , but equally important role comes to you follow your diet. 

You should pay attention to the composition of the foods you eat. How many calories per food? How much protein is there? What is fat? In addition, reduce the consumption of walnuts, cakes, chocolates and any foods that may cause obesity.

Be sure to eat balanced meals with very light snacks among them. Today in every organized gym there is a dietitian, who is keen to give advice and even build a structured diet program to prepare the body for the summer in parallel with your training program.

2. Exercise light fitness exercises

Most people can not practice the five-times-a-week training system, and in fact most of us do not need such an intensive training program.

 ” Light Fitness Exercises ” is a great idea for the first phase of body preparation for the summer because it is an effective physical activity and allows for a gradual increase in intensity and duration of training. Light training means short exercises of 10 to 15 minutes, which can be done up to twice a day, which will increase your metabolism and help you lose weight. 

We recommend you start aerobic exercise, even if it is simple and preliminary. The great advantage of this type of exercise is that it is suitable for the weather – as long as we have more cold days, we can do the exercises even at home. 
Here are some ideas:

  • Walk fast for 20 minutes in the evening.
  • Home drills like jumping rope, stairs, etc.
  • The stairs rise and fall at a moderate pace.

3. Easy to hard

After spending two to one months exercising with light fitness, you can move on to the most powerful phase and begin long-term exercises that include aerobic exercise and strength training. 

The most important thing when starting a training system is to do it gradually to avoid excess injuries or burdens that may cause you fatigue. 

Even when it comes to a short workout program that aims to fine-tune the body, increase metabolism and burn fat, you should start in a moderate and disciplined way, accompanied by a fitness trainer if possible.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic aerobics is the best way to burn calories . Walking, running, cycling, etc. are all sports activities aimed at raising the heart rate and allowing the training of heart-lung endurance is usually low, allowing for burning of calories.

In the first week until the second start of the training, try to maintain the pace of 3 exercises per week, 20 minutes per training. After that, the training period can be increased to about half an hour.

After about a month where you are accustomed to the effort involved in training the antenna, you can even get up to 4 exercises per week, where the duration of each exercise is 45 minutes.

5. Strength training

Even when talking about strength training, regardless of its intensity, you should start a training system with very low weights and a gradual increase in weight.

 This type of training requires the supervision of the fitness coach because the strength training and the burdens that they pose may lead to damage to the muscles, joints and tendons if not carried out properly. 

Reduce the number of times each exercise is repeated 10 to 15 times, and there is no need for more than 3 stops per exercise. Be sure to warm and tighten your muscles for 15 minutes before and after training.


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