How to be sure about sexual health before marriage


Through some procedures, sexual health can be reassured before marriage, which is important to make sure there is no problem that can affect sexual relations and pregnancy.

How to be sure about sexual health before marriage

The intimate practice between spouses is the usual way to check on sexual health, as well as pregnancy and childbearing.

But this does not detract from the importance of doing some prenuptial measures, which help ensure sexual safety, and avoid any problems between the partners after marriage.

The importance of reassurance about sexual health before marriage

There are several reasons why you can be reassured about your pre-marital health:

  • Identify any health problems that a couple may face: and start treating them so that they do not lead to miscarriage.
  • Protection of the second party from any health problem: in the case of a disease that can be transmitted through intimate practice.
  • Preserving the health of children: Some diseases that affect women during pregnancy will affect the fetus and its health.

Methods of reassuring sexual health

Learn about the most reliable ways to get pre-marital sexual health .

1. Conduct some tests

There are some tests that must be performed before marriage, including:

  • Thyroid and adrenal gland tests: They are the glands responsible for the secretion of sex hormones, and any abnormalities that affect the health and functions of the genitals.
  • Examination of semen in men: One of the most important tests to be performed by the man to make sure there are no abnormalities or problems with sperm .
  • Examination of ovaries in women: Also a woman must do a check ovaries because there are diseases that can be infected, such as polycystic ovaries and others.

If there is any defect in these tests, treatment should be initiated so as not to affect the sexual life between the spouses .

2 – Tell your doctor any health problems

It is necessary to talk to your doctor about any concerns and concerns about sexual health, and any existing symptoms indicate a health problem.

The doctor will then help you treat the problem before it gets worse.

You should also listen to your doctor’s instructions regarding the proper and safe exercise of intimacy.

3 – examination of the penis and testicles

A man can check his penis by himself to make sure there are no infections or problems, such as twisting the penis and others. If he notices any problem, he should go to the doctor.

The testes must be examined by holding them and pressing them. This helps to detect any tumors or cancers.

It is preferable to have tests with the doctor, this will allow to detect any problem in a more accurate way, there is an assessment of the ability of the penis on erection, and tests to test sexual ability.

Tips for maintaining sexual health before marriage

Through some procedures, sexual health can be maintained before marriage, including:

  • Integrated health food: it contributes to strengthening sexual capacity andreducing the chances of disease.

It is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits containing vitamins and minerals important for health, and avoid harmful foods such as kidneys and sugars. Preserved foods can also affect the secretion of hormones.

  • Avoid smoking: It is one of the most wrong habits that affect the health of the body in general and sexual health in particular.
  • Maintain healthy weight: The higher the weight, the affected sexual ability, as well as the chances of pregnancy because weight gain leads to manysexual problems .
  • Care to clean the sensitive area: to reduce the likelihood of infection and fungi and infections.


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