How to take care of Breasts and prevent it from diseases


How to take care of Breasts and prevent it from diseases : The breast needs special attention to maintain its health and safety from diseases, and this is through some daily habits and ways of personal care.

How to take care of Breasts and prevent it from diseases

Through a variety of simple methods, each woman can take careĀ of breast health andĀ reduce the risk of being infected with diseases and health problems, most notably breast cancer, which has become a disease spread globally.

Apply these tips on a permanent basis, to ensure that your appearance and integrity are maintained throughout your life.

1. Follow a healthy diet

There are foods that should be minimized, and others require a lot of eating to maintain breast health, namely:

  • Reduce carbohydrate intake

Excessive sweets and sugars in general cause many health problems, causing increased insulin and estrogen, which promotes inflammation and is also carcinogenic.

It is therefore recommended to replace sweets with natural fruit beneficial to the body, most notably fresh berries, which protects against cancer.

  • Eat the colors of vegetables and fruits

This helps in feeding all parts of the body and prevention of diseases, you must eat different types of vegetables and fruits in color, because each of the benefits.

For example, broccoli and jerry contain sulfophane, a powerful toxin remover , it also removes excess estrogen and helps prevent cancer cells from forming.

  • Probiotic-rich eating

Such as yoghurt, pickled cabbage, kimchi, these foods ensure the health of the intestines and strengthen immunity and rid the body of toxins, in addition to the fight against various diseases.

  • Eat folic acid

The low folic acid content in the body leads to DNA damage, which increases the risk of cancer. Folic acid can be obtained from spinach, black eyed peas and whole grains.

2. Change the lifestyle

Often, we do not pay attention to some small daily things, which can harm the health of the breast and increase the likelihood of disease, so a healthy lifestyle should be followed:

  • Do not use unsafe plastic containers

It helps in the infection of various types of cancers, containing dangerous phthalates, and should not be heated in plastic containers or drinking water from plastic bottles can only be used once.

  • Use of safe skin

Make sure that the lotions used for skin and skin are free of harmful chemicals, and prefer to apply natural recipes instead of manufactured preparations because they often consist of unsafe compounds.

  • Exercise daily

Physical fitness should be maintained through exercise and daily body movement. Do not skip walking for 30 minutes a day, in addition to your simple and favorite exercises.

The association between exercise and lack of breast cancer is due to the fact that fat cells produce a large proportion of estrogen, and with exercise the size of fat cells in the body decreases.

  • Get enough sleep

To sleep at the times assigned to him, because sleep affects health negatively, it also loses you the concentration and energy necessary to perform daily tasks vigorously.

And therefore will tend to laziness and lethargy throughout the day, which hinders your movement and activity necessary to maintain health.

  • Manage daily stress

By practicing deep breathing, meditation and yoga. Regular reading is recommended.

Bathing also helps relieve stress and get the body to relax.

  • End the use of electronic devices

The electronic devices cause great harm to the health of cells in the body, and the blue light from these devices will disrupt the production of melatonin at night, which helps regulate the hormone estrogen.

Therefore, these devices should be kept away during sleep, and not sit in front of them for long periods.

  • Maintain weight

Overweight and obesity can increase the risk of breast cancer and many other serious diseases.

  • Avoid smoking

Smoking causes an increase in the risk of various types of cancers, most notably breast cancer, so you should avoid smoking whether you are a smoker or exposed to cigarette smoke from a smoker.

3 – breast care

Like any area in the body, the breast needs special attention, and it is through some things, including:

  • Daily massage

Massage can stimulate blood circulation and maintain breast health, and you can detect and treat any early tumor before it turns into a malignant tumor, so it is important to be careful to massage your breasts on a daily basis.

Natural oils such as jojoba oil or coconut oil can be used for more benefit.

  • Periodic inspection

One of the key things to help prevent breast cancer from malignant tumors is to conduct periodic tests , not only to detect any cancer cells, but to ensure that there is no other problem with the breast, which can be treated with simple procedures.

  • Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers who breastfeed for at least six months are the least likely to develop breast cancer.

  • Daily moisturizing

Also, it is necessary to moisturize the breast daily to prevent it from cracking and dehydration, which will affect it over time. This will preserve its moisture and vitality, especially for the breastfeeding woman.

  • Wear suitable bras

It should be measured appropriately, not large or small, reduce the chances of breast drooping, and narrow chests can cause injury and inflammation.

  • Keep the breast clean

This is done by cleaning and cleansing it daily from all sides, especially the area below the breast where the fungi and infections increase. This ensures that there is no rash in the lower breast .


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