Mistakes of the wife affect the desire of the husband


Mistakes of the wife affect the desire of the husband : The wife should pay attention to some things that can affect the sexual relationship between her and the husband, because there are mistakes that can lead to his loss, the most important ones.

Mistakes of the wife affect the desire of the husband

With the passage of many years after marriage, one or both spouses feel bored by the routines of life, which affects the marital relationship, and thus the sexual practice between them.

A wife can have a role in reducing the husband’s desire for sex , through some mistakes that she makes without knowing.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to these things and avoid them by the wife so that the man does not lose his sexual desire.

1. Dealing with a husband like a mother

Some women treat their husbands in the same way as a mother, which makes him feel like an observer and spoiled all the time, but this is wrong if he continues all the time because the husband likes to feel free and responsible for his actions.

If the wife wants to make decisions, the husband should not feel this, but make him who reaches this decision himself.

A husband who feels that his wife treats him like his mother, will not feel affection, romance and love towards her, but wants to find her a pampered girl most of the time.

2 – compare the husband to others

The husband can not bear this feeling, because comparing him to another person means that his status and his wealth is not great for his wife.

This leads to the construction of many boundaries between husband and wife.

If the wife wants to tell her husband a defect or a problem in his personality, do not follow the method of comparison, but talking to him first about the advantages and then tell him the problem.

3 – neglect of the wife for herself and her husband

The husband’s desire for intimacy decreases when he finds his wife not taking care of herself and her beauty and elegance. It is one of the basic issues that concern the husband, and any negligence by the wife will lead to the husband’s distaste.

One of the most important things that every wife should pay attention to is personal hygiene and fragrant aroma before decorating.

Even when the wife is negligent to her husband, they cause her tightness and anger, which makes him play with her, and does not tend to exercise intimacy.

4. Rejection of intimate practice

Sometimes, the wife goes through a bad psychological situation, which makes her refuse her husband’s request for intimate relationship , and with this repetition, the husband is negatively affected, to stop this request, and less desire with time.

The husband does not like much urgency and wants to be his wife.

Therefore, the wife should try to renew her life and move away from the sources of tension and anxiety that make her refuse sexual intercourse with the husband.

If she has a problem because of her husband’s behavior or is upset with him, face it and talk to him instead of walking away from him.

5 – the severity of shyness

Shame is required for women, to be reasonable, as excessive shyness can cause the husband’s tightness and his lack of intimacy .

The wife must be a variable and do not follow the same approach in her relationship with her husband, she sometimes looks shy and sometimes bold.

As the husband must disclose her feelings with the husband, this is very pleased and close to them, and not a defect to ask him some of the things that enjoyed during the sexual relationship.

6. The tendency to grief

A mistake committed by many women, the effect of stress life on their psyche, making them tend to grieve most of the time.

And this feeling will reach the husband, and makes him prefer not to stay with his wife for long periods, because he wants a woman to relieve him worries and does not increase.

If the wife is going through some crises , the husband will appreciate this, at certain times and not all the time.


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