Smoking and sports! Effect of smoking on fitness


Effect of smoking on fitness : Exercising fitness exercises is good, but smoking a cigarette at the end of training, detracts from achievements and harms the body. But what about the effect of smoking on our fitness? It is recommended that you read and apply the following article

Smoking and sports!  Effect of smoking on fitness

One of the common images outside the gym, in our countries at least, is a young man lighting a cigarette, after a moment of finishing and sports .

They can also be seen going to the training room, dressed in familiar sportswear, sipping cigarette smoke eagerly before the start of training as if nothing had happened. What is the secret of the deadly gravity between smoking andsports?

Fashion question?

Well, it’s a fashion issue. Enjoy physically fit , this fashion, as well as smoking it. 

As it is not always comfortable to walk with high heels, being in the gym to take care of your body and health is also not easy for most of us. Walking with high heels, such as stressful exercises, is exhausting and painful, but the result – looks great and attractive. 

Cigarettes are also within fashion. Even today, where awareness of cigarette damage is very high, the smell of cigarettes is deterred and its image is negative. Many people admit that they smoke because it “looks good,” at least for young people.

Besides, there are the old defenders of cigarettes, the fighters to keep cigarettes between their fingers, and all their intention is to sit with a hot drink in one hand and a big cigarette in the other and smoking very simply. 

Physical fitness exercises are a necessary evil for them, and a prescription must be implemented to mark V. They try to walk once or twice a week, and are keen to follow a healthy diet and may have membership in the gym in their neighborhood. But what about their bad habit of continuing to smoke? 

Which they keep to the end of training, as a reward for good work. It has a cumulative negative effect on public health and strength of the body.

Any air we breathe?

Only a smoker who likes to smoke and can not let go, deals with cigarette smoke to the lung seriously, as a kind of deep breathing that fills him with renewed force. But in fact, such a deep breathing, empties the bodyOf oxygen and fill it with toxins. 

When we breathe fresh air we breathe oxygen, in the sense of clean air that enters the lungs and heart and enriches our blood and is necessary for all cells of the body. On the other hand, when we suck tobacco from cigarettes, we breathe carbon monoxide, which is linked to hemoglobin in red blood cells and leads to a decrease in the ability to transport oxygen.

 We all also know, that cigarette traces can be seen on the lungs in the form of black spots. Tar spots known by smokers who appear after chronic cough in the morning, cover the lungs and effectively lead to a decrease in respiratory ability to breathe air and absorb oxygen in the lungs.

 These effects lead to a decrease in the patient’s heart-lung capacity, and studies clearly show statistically significant differences between smokers and non-smokers.


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