Steps must be taken before weaning the baby


Steps must be taken before weaning the baby : Some mothers resort to sudden weaning of the child, which is wrong because it affects the child, and weaning needs preliminary steps.

Steps must be taken before weaning the baby

Before a mother weals her child , she must ask herself: Is the child ready to wean or not? This should be done through steps you take before you decide to wean.

Where some steps help to facilitate weaning the child without facing difficulties and problems, so that the child loses his desire to breastfeed but without being forced to do so.

The right age for weaning the baby

It is preferable not to wean the child completely before one and a half to two years of age, according to the conditions of the mother.

Many working mothers can not continue to breastfeed for long periods of time, but the child should get the benefits of breast milk for as long as possible.

Steps before weaning the baby

To make the weaning task easier, we recommend following these steps:

1. Introduce solid food to the baby

After six months of breastfeeding the baby , the mother should start introducing solid foods to the baby’s diet, and the child will usually enjoy enjoying different foods.

At the same time, you begin to reduce the milk frequency throughout the day, so that it is limited to the evening later.

This step can be divided into four phases, including:

  • The introduction of soft foods: which is easy for the child to swallow, it is like liquid, often a mixture of biscuits added to milk.
  • Introducing mashed foods: After that the mother begins to introduce some mashed foods, which the child can chew and feel a little while eating.
  • Introducing chopped foods: the most hard foods, which require the child’s effort to chew them before swallowing them.
  • Introducing solid foods: the final stage in which a child can eat more solid foods, which is after the age of two years.

It is important to focus on foods that the child loves most, and not to force him to eat what he does not like because he will get rid of it immediately.

2 – distracting the child from the breast

After the child has begun to pay little attention to what is around him, the mother may turn the child’s attention to other things when breastfeeding, such as games, colors and music, and try to delay the milk as much as possible.

This will help the child realize that breast milk is not available all the time, and that there are other things he can do instead of breastfeeding .

At the same time, the child’s hunger must be fed through foods suitable for his or her age, because he should not remain hungry without filling his food needs to help him grow.

3. Reduce breast time

During breast feeding , the mother should reduce the time he breastfeeds even if the child refuses, stop breastfeeding, give him some foods or play with him.

4. Change the breastfeeding routine

The child is used to breastfeeding in certain places, but the mother has to change the place, so the child feels that there is a change in this.

Breaking the routine will facilitate weaning.

5. Take the baby in outings

It is recommended to increase the number of baby strolls in the stage leading to final weaning , this will occupy him a lot, especially when taking him in a place to play, preferably to walk amid the gardens and green spaces.

6 – stop the weaning steps for a little time

If the child does not accept this, it is best to give him a two-day break to get his breast milk , and then try again, which helps him relax.


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