Why sexual examinations before marriage is necessary?


Why sexual examinations before marriage is necessary : Prenuptial tests help to reassure sexual health, but who specifically recommend doing so?

Persons who have to perform sexual examinations before marriage

Pre-marital sex checks help to ensure sexual health and detect any health problem early enough to make it easier to treat.

Pre-marital sex checks are more important for people with certain health problems and problems that may affect their sexual health.

Learn about diseases that require prenuptial sex screening.

1. Diabetes

Of diseases that affect the fertility of men or women , and can lead to erectile dysfunction, causing problems between spouses in intimate practice.

Therefore, the tests are necessary to make sure there is no problem, and also to help you in the doctor to do some procedures that strengthen erection and sexual ability.

2 – Varicose testis

If a man suffers from varicose veins or testicular infections , he should perform tests to assure the safety of the semen and sperm.

As this problem can lead to the lack of sperm or the presence of deformities, which hinders natural sexual life.

3 – heart disease

The heart patient suffers from a feeling of extreme stress, and can not make a great effort, this affects the health of the negative.

Therefore, the heart patient needs special guidance during sexual intercourse with the other party.

Heart disease can also damage the blood vessels , thus preventing blood flow to various organs, including the genitals of men and women.

4 – inflammation of the prostate

Prostate inflammation affects the genital area of ​​the man, making him face many problems during sexual intercourse, and it impedes the occurrence of pregnancy and childbirth.

Treatment of prostration is therefore important before marriage.

5 – irregular menstrual cycle

Some women suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, which means difficulty determining their ovulation period, thus reducing the chances of pregnancy.

With some medications, the problem of irregular menstrual cycle in women can be treated , so it is advisable to consult your doctor early.

In general, any hormonal disorders affecting the body, will affect the sexual relationship.

6. Polycystic ovary

Women’s polycystic ovaries also affect pregnancy and require a period of treatment.

Polycystic ovaries occur as a result of hormonal disorders and other causes such as obesity in women.

Women need to treat these bags to get rid of them and enhance their chances of pregnancy.

7. Depression

The incidence of depression means low sexual desire and reluctance to practice intimate, so sexual organs are affected by this psychological problem.

Depression drugs also lead to erectile dysfunction and poor ovulation, so the patient needs to reassure his or her sexual health.


Arthritis leads to cramps in various organs, including the penis and the vagina in women.

So you should follow up with your doctor to treat these convulsions, and taking drugs to help reduce inflammation before intimate practice.

9. Urinary incontinence

Is a condition in which the urine leaks involuntarily, causing embarrassment to those who suffer, and incontinence due to pressure on the bladder, and thus increase the chances of occurring during sex.

This problem requires a doctor to look for solutions and find out how to minimize them.

10 – Cancer

Chemotherapy sessions of a cancer patient affect ovulation in women as well as sperm in men, preventing sperm production as well as egg production.

To confirm fertility, it is advisable to consult a doctor before marriage.


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